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God rewards the diligent - Record Wyeth Pharmaceuticals HR Director, China and Hong Kong Miss Li Hon

Miss Li Hongxia and conversation, in a winter's afternoon, first met Ms. Lee, able to feel her warm and genuine charm of a kind, which, perhaps, is her human resources industry, from engineers to the reasons for it like a duck .

Career path - unintentional positive outcomes

Li Hongxia engineers into the origin of human resources industry is not so much choice, as it is the job. There was just set up a company in China Recruitment Engineer, Hong-Xia Li went to a candidate. Because the company is newly required human resources management, human resources interview that the line of Li Hongxia not be appropriate, consult the views of Li Hongxia, hope that she will try this new career, it is so, like to try new things promised Li Hongxia engaged in the new job. So she entered the human resources industry.

Li Hongxia soon have a good opportunity to enter the Kodak. Kodak Li Hongxia experienced as a human resources manager must go through a lot of things, the first company Kodak Kodak Imaging is the home was acquired company, the age structure of complex, Hongxia to Human Resources when the company is still a blank sheet, from the department organizational structure to match the building and company culture, Hongxia hands-on, as his career lay a good foundation. Later she transferred to the Pudong Administration two plants encountered during this period and staff communication, strategic planning and many other aspects of the challenges and the transfer of a factory, then lived through the new factory in Xiamen and other human resources needs. Kodak those memorable years, Li Hongxia laid a good foundation for human resources management.

On his most memorable job story, said Li Hongxia, and, like many peers, is the first time downsizing. Many employees had first-hand trick by Li Hongxia in, personally tell each other the company's grand plan, and the other outlines the company's future development with the vision, but had to personally tell them again, companies need to downsizing decisions. Even before the scheme is very detailed, but the downsizing of the day approaches, Hongxia still very painful. At this time the boss gave Kodak Li Hongxia lot of assistance and solutions, told Li Hongxia when business slackens, if these people stay, not only is the company responsible, but also irresponsible for these employees: they employees in the company has no career prospects, if they leave the company, although the short term they will lose their jobs but in other companies find their own career path. In order to minimize the pain, on the one hand, Li Hongxia staff to be clearly explained by national policies and the company's specific practices. On the other hand, with the private time of the redundant employees to find jobs. Find ways to maximize the emotional venting out the staff, and so ... ... After these painful leap, Hongxia as a human resources worker with the necessary good communication and coordination.

And Wyeth in the top ten global pharmaceutical industry leading position and opened two factories in China, with offices around the size of the Li Hongxia look forward to greet the new challenges of his career. Li Hongxia be responsible for multiple business units plus two factory sales markets and Hong Kong's human resources management. For more than 70% management is such a college education team, Hongxia jokes her experience is to play the strengths of knowledge workers to make their knowledge and ability to display their abilities to enable them to better cooperation.

In order for employees approved the company's culture, when the new employee training, the company stressed that the company's mission, vision and values. Through a number of development training to employees recognize the company's values and culture, through daily communication, strongly urged all the leaders have played in the values embodied exemplary role. Occurred around the same time with some vivid stories, so that employees can really feel the significance of corporate values.

Li Hongxia look forward to in the collision between different cultures get more temper, through their own efforts to better performance in China, but their work can make the company to attract, motivate and retain talent more great charm. Not only help each business grow, but also look forward to leading his own human resources team can become one of the best team.

Professional experience - a hard, a harvest

Just entered the human resources industry when Li Hongxia regularly participates in the training of human resources, and master the basic knowledge, the xia more work experience in the use and study, and colleagues gave Kodak Li Hongxia lessons. Li Hongxia into the human resources industry in nearly 6 years, there has been a lot of work, confusion, need knowledge to break through the bottleneck of work, she was selected to the Central School of Management Kodak study for two years. Before the birth of Li Hongxia engineering management knowledge to understand the economy very little, to see a lot of their information to the mastery of knowledge. At that time there was just transferred to the Singapore factory, there are many human resources work to do still meet regularly after work, sometimes have time to sleep, think very hard the past two years. But a hard one harvest, the EU accept the study, not only to expand the knowledge of Li Hongxia, more importantly, to expand their horizons. Previously as a human resources manager, human resources more from the angle of the problem, but the course of the study itself more from the company to consider the perspective of the overall problem. Colleagues and superiors and the more that, Hongxia consider the issue more from the perspective of business thinking. From their standpoint, the program more easily view business managers to accept. Because of the particularity of human resources, Li Hongxia and many different departments to managers, supervisors and officers dealing with, and in the process, Li Hongxia managers from different learned a lot, and these are hard to understand previously an engineer of.

Professional reflections - love the achievements of the future

While many people's eyes, crushing human resources red tape, but still, as always, love it Hongxia, because she thinks this is a push for all, the common progress of the cause of all enterprises. On the one hand to help employees improve their career planning, on the other hand, are also helping the company succeed. Therefore, as a successful human resources workers, in addition to good communication skills, integrity and broad is very important when considering the matter as far as possible taking into account the interests of all parties, to accommodate different views, and create win-win situation - Staff The boss and the company three win, to really team to every detail.

Many companies with human resources as a cost center contrast, in Li Hongxia view, HR is a profit center. Because all the profits are created by people, but human resources department is to convene the best staff in, for these people to training, motivation and development, to retain talent, and only in those doing good work premise, only generate more profits. If HR really understand the company's strategic goals and business decision-making level in the company of great help. From the operational level, that, from the incentive system and performance management to succession planning, this series of work is very important to the work of the Human Resources Department.

Living in multinational companies for many years, Li Hongxia share their feelings of many multinational human resources unique: an integration of cultural differences. The Human Resources Department may be a very important point is how the differences between the cultures together. 2 Most multinational corporations are based on objective results-oriented, in the process, how to really help businesses achieve this goal. 3 talents, many multinational corporations have headquarters personnel sent to China, then human resources is another major issue is how the localization of human resources, how to make local people as quickly as possible. Four pairs of multinational companies have a very important point is how to retain talent, because, after several years of work in multinational companies, generally have higher market value, it is easy to go to another company (multinational) companies. How to retain talent, to attract talent to their companies, will become an important issue in human resources.

As a senior human resource managers, business in Hongxia seems blind spot in human resources development professionals, in fact, the company which is not without talent, but these people may be busy doing their jobs every day, no time to think about how the development of talent. Everyone says that students should be reducing the burden, in fact, the same talent, a lot of pressure situations in a matter of fact they are not well developed, the company did not give them adequate time and space to develop talent. May sometimes they have been at war, there is no time to think about how the company's strategic objectives and better implementation. Li Hongxia fact that every manager is manager of human resources. Because the right people is the most valuable asset, we want every manager regarded the most valuable wealth management business is good, people really do their material.

Diligent Hongxia feel very lucky that he did not much got everyone's approval. This is an encouraging is a new start. Hope that their next career to the next level!

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Spot cash: how a "worry" Zile!

Dangers, it is impossible to withdraw it!

Case Study:

To switch to cash the trouble spot sales model

New Year began, as the General Manager of Harbour McKinnon's season has just begun to develop a work plan for the new year. As an important part of the plan, market and sales methods are faced with new challenges.

Quarter of the total had an idea that he seek the advice of several directors, especially South Korea, chairman of views. Han talked about the personal views of chairman, he called the best quarter of the total credit can completely change the current practice of turning cash spot sales model. Harbour Gold Chemical Co., Ltd. is a pesticide formulation to processing enterprises, the restructuring of nearly three years, nearly 12 million yuan in annual sales hovering around the basic. The company has more than 10 varieties of pesticide formulations, mainly for wheat, rice and other crop pests control. Pesticide market today, the basic pesticide formulations for the sales agent sales model. The company has adhered to this sales model, known everything about genome has a large number of returns each year, money hard to withdraw, have a lot of inventory, poor quality business. This is also the chairman of South Korea asked quarter sales model, the total change in the main driving forces. Quarter of the total according to the views of Korea, chairman, immediately to the sales department called the office of Minister for Niu way. Minister for Niu very frank exchange of views on their own, in his view, the company implemented immediately spot cash sales are not mature, there are several reasons:

1. Companies lack the brand influence, has not achieved the general trust of users and dealers; 2. Product lack of competitive advantage, we have some people, price is also higher than others; In addition, there is no policy to encourage dealers to sell; 3. Sales force is aging, older, conservative ideas, if implemented, will face significant cash spot resistance; 4. Lack of promotional activities the company is now the market is basically through the restructuring of the former to maintain old customers and new market development office is almost empty. 5. If the mandatory implementation of cash spot sales model, our business may decline significantly.

Quarter of the total cattle that meet the current Minister for the analysis of the company situation, however, the Board's view is clear, only the execution. As general manager, also wants to cash in stock season total to sell, so, he worries a thing may be substantially reduced, can focus more towards new product development and business management. Faced with this situation, how can he do?

Case cracked:

Spot cash: how a "worry" Zile!

I had worked in the enterprise level, aware of the total face such a difficult quarter, the difficult and confusing time, but seeing the reality of the situation and cattle enterprises will face difficulties Minister; have been in business sales director of I, but also very sympathetic and understanding Minister of loading cattle and difficulties! In fact, the Minister cited several difficulties cattle among any one of the enterprise, woe Renhuan evil things! However, a professional manager to face any such difficulties, whether it is unquestionably the sky to show a vista enterprise lucky new atmosphere, or a "advisors curtain air tent consultations sigh, battlefield Grief stricken region," the defeat of the dilemma! Quarter of the total first thing to do is not sit still! Positive approach only rose to the challenge to face, look at the difficulties stand out, to find the best solution! The author's experience, the quarter of the total if the board is extended in accordance with the marketing model cash cash, will face a very serious and difficult situation in the passive, or under existing conditions so that we always find some marketing for the quarter crack of ideas and Drive it!

1. Should be extracted from a "leader" of the product, or build a well there in the price

Advantage or product differentiation, so as to promote new business models and fewer barriers to implementation of the landing.

If a brand in the market that does not impact products do not influence, then do not say cash cash, that is to do credit will encounter many troubles and frustrations, while the choice is difficult when agents choose to go to the right customers. Quarter of the total enterprises in the market as a basic condition of survival may be relaxed environment and flexible policies, once these are gone, then the business must first have a requirement is an excellent, there are consumers that buying brand products then be possible to go further in-depth discussions to implement the new cash marketing patterns.

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The basic concepts of remote sensing

Broadly speaking, the Remote Sensing (Remote Sensing) refers to various non-direct contact, remote sensing technology. Collected primarily on the basis of the target object of the electromagnetic wave reflection and radiation characteristics, use of sound waves, gravitational waves and seismic waves, etc., are also included in the broad sense among remote sensing.

People usually considered to refer to the concept of remote sensing: From remote, high altitude, and even outer space platform (Platform), the use of visible light, infrared, microwave remote sensors (Remote Sensor), through photography, scanning and other methods to receive various types of surface features from the earth surface wave information, and these information processing, and thus identify the nature and movement of material ground state of the integrated technology.

Environmental remote sensing surface features or reflected electromagnetic radiation instrument, called the remote sensors, cameras, scanners, etc. that belong to this category. Vehicles carrying remote sensing devices, called remote sensing platforms such as aircraft, airships and satellites and so on.

Remote Sensing of the content, as applied in the field of the object under study and appears to vary all kinds, but they are by receiving electromagnetic waves to identify and analyze the objectives and the phenomenon of surface. Therefore, the use of remote sensing technology is the use of the electromagnetic characteristics of the object that all objects, because of their different types and environmental conditions, which have a reflection or radiation of different wavelengths of the electromagnetic wave characteristics.

In theory, the whole wave band can be remote, but due to the atmospheric window and the technical limitations, currently only a limited number of bands on the most important band is visible and near infrared bands, in infrared and thermal infrared bands, band and other microwave bands. Band in these remote sensing, electromagnetic properties inherent in the object but also by environmental conditions such as solar and atmospheric effects, and thus to the target remote sensor receives electromagnetic radiation reflected or after the need for correction and interpretation of analysis, to get all in the field of effective information.

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IGRP update mechanism description description

By default, the router running IGRP sends an update every 90 seconds broadcast, if the update cycle 3 (ie 270 seconds), not from the route to the first router receives the update, that route is inaccessible. Update cycle in 7 (ie 630 seconds) after, Cisco IOS software removed from the routing table route.

IGRP use the fast update (flash update), and reversible inhibition of updates (poison reverseupdate), to accelerate routing convergence. When the scale changes to notify other routers in the standard periodic update time will produce quick update before.

Reversible inhibition of updates sent to clear the route, and to this route is set to block (holddown), which makes the new routing information and a time period of phase separation. Reversible inhibition by the routing update to avoid the increase of the distance caused by a large number of loop.

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Beginners Collection: unix I feel with you a kind of Brief Encounter

I am a unix beginner, remember the first contact it was 3 years ago, when Hou that I was a student at the school, since after graduation will never come into contact with unix the system. Recently a friend gave me several books on unix, pick any one of them, just read dozens of pages, while combining the theoretical side of the operation, then had some small feelings, to share this with you, if do not agree with my views, welcome to give me valuable advice, not to agree not to agree with me, but in my communication with you. Here me say that I feel the benefits of several unix it!

First, you can use a simple design and methods to accomplish more complex and comprehensive works.

As we all know, unix basic idea is to dissect complex issues, using the simplest and most basic function modules stacked combination to solve complex problems. There are many benefits of doing so, the module features a single, easy to implement, easy stitching, design ideas clear, and the combination use, easy troubleshooting, easy management, so that the entire development flow more smoothly. Formal kind of thinking continues to this day, this led to standardized modular software design, software modules can repeat the theory and method, and further evolved into the present the important ideas of software engineering.

Second, support for multi-user multi-task.

Many people in the spare time or spare time want to study while listening to music while doing something, such as send e-mail again, or open a file and see, then, or open an instant messaging with friends, chat, etc. so, this is what we often say single-user multi-task scheduling strategy. unix is not only to support a user at a time and place on a variety of requests, but also to satisfy multiple users request the same and different. The following example of what I have come, such as a server, above a system administrator, web users, the conventional ordinary users so they will at the same time visit to this server, but the action is not the same, the system administrator may upload a file, web users may download an attachment, the conventional ordinary user may visit a page, then a server to respond to multiple actions at the same time, that multi-user multi-task. This feature of the show, gives users a great user experience, users will not find resources to be divided up, but their monopoly of the machine resources.

Third, the file system can easily loading and unloading.

Previously mentioned unix modular function, the system files so it can always be used "discarded." Users in the use of the process, according to their needs can be a hardware storage device at any time file system for loading and unloading. The system is to ensure that its simplicity. On the users, bringing great convenience.

# P #

Fourth, good openness and portability.

With the development of computing technology, people demand a variety of computer products will increase. Some programming enthusiasts, often according to their own need to write some programs running in the unix system to meet their needs. From another perspective, if a bad operating system adaptation, be applied in another system, may occur incompatible things, then that is terrible this time and effort to re-design project of the. In this way both the human and material resources to bring the waste. Therefore reflected in the good portability more compatibility on. I think this is many years in front of huge and ruthless market, there are still some who insist that a spirit of unix support it!

Fifth, a strong command functions.

In the absence of real contact with unix, I just heard that it has a very strong command function, when I really experienced it, really a kind of sense of Brief Encounter. A simple command to complete the necessary programming designed to achieve the function. A compound command to complete some of the operating system takes several or even dozens of commands to complete the action or function. Therefore, it gives users great convenience to many old customers word of mouth, the feeling they are really from the heart of love unix.

Sixth, improve the security mechanism.

unix security mechanism is recognized by all, no doubt. Including user management, protection of the system structure and the file permissions of the management. Many industry experts believe that: in comparison with other operating systems, unix-based platform used to build the information system and management mechanisms are also all relatively good and perfect. Today in our country and around the world in many key sectors to establish information management system is implemented using unix architecture.

Seventh, with network features.

Now the Internet has entered every household, leaving the network then we do not know how life goes on, the network in our lives plays a crucial role. In unix, it stressed that the internal communication mechanism and external devices more accessible, and to support the network environment is quite natural and smooth, and even has increased on the TCP / IP protocol support. With such a network support, would give those who are skeptical of unix network features users have been better explained. But I can not do without the network, but also started a kind of admiration for the unix.

I think they can not fully explain the advantages of unix, this is the beginning of my re-learning, then I will continue to research, to continue my journey unix. I will in future learning, slowly and shared with various unix experience, and we welcome you to join me explore demonstrate their!

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Online Player DIY

RealPlayer software for network play we will definitely be familiar. Its strong network of video, audio and other media playback was very envious of people. If you yourself can do one of the heart must feel good.

RealPlayer software itself has a RealPlayer plug-in. Because it is used in Active technology, which for our players to create their own to create the conditions for RealPlayer. ActiveX technology made because the application plug-ins, can be easily applied to any support ActiveX technology development language, and be used as a common component. We are on to Delphi 5.0 in the following example, create a network of their own RealPlayer video player.

Add RealPlayerActive ActiveX plug-in item to the component bar, ready for use. Select Main Menu Component 鈫?Import ActiveX Control items, there will be an Import ActiveX window, the window's upper selection list stored in the computer system already has a variety of Active plug-ins. If you installed the RealPlayer software, you find a RealPlayer ActiveX Control Library, and selected, then select the Install ... button in the lower window, there Install window, keep the default values, select OK, you can add to complete. Back to the ActiveX component bar item, you will find the icon RealPlayer software. This, RealPlayer can be used as a common component.

Figure 1 RealPlayer Active

Create a new Delphi application, then the components in the window bar item in the RealPlayer ActiveX components, into the window, named RealAudio1, the emergence of a simplified RealPlayer interface. But it is only the control interface, there is no video image interface. It does not matter component in the RealPlayer Controls property to add "ImageWindow", then click on the window, the video images began to appear in the "ImageWindow" Then, after adding "ControlPanel" attribute value (comma separated). This control interface appears, you can continue to add in the back "Statuabar" value, the status bar appears.

RealPlayer component will be driven to the appropriate size of the window to add a command button and name it Play. Then in the button click event add the following code:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click (Sender: TObject);


RealAudio1.source =''c: A.rm''; / / Play the movie source.

RealAudio1.doplay; / / start playing movies


A RealPlayer player to finish, and simple it! But this is only a brief RealPlayer component, it also has many properties and methods, party of free imagination, design a more complete player.


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Youtube Converter + Player Home

It's most popular and very easy to use YouTube tools. helps you Fast download, convert, play, manage your favorite YouTube videos. If you're a YouTube fan, you'll love YouTube tool! is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet. YouTube tool easily: 1. Fast downloads YouTube videos, 2. Supports unlimited simultaneous downloads (a real time saver!), 3. Automatically names the downloaded video the same as the YouTube title, 4. Converts YouTube videos to various video formats, including Video, DVD, VCD, AVI, MPG, MPEG, Divx, Xvid, WMV, RM, RMVB, MOV, MP4, 3GP, SWF, DAT, H264, VOB, Flash, PDA, M4V, 3G2, AMV, CDA, DV,QuickTime, ASX, TV, VHS, FLV, H264, BDMV, MAC, Apple TV, Zune, iPod, PDA, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Mobile Phone, Cell Phone, Blackberry, Wii, Laptops, Printers, Palm OS, Pocket PC, PPC, Treo, Psion, EPOC, iphone.
Supports customize or create user's own profile for any new (portable) device. The video conversion supports preview. About Playing Features. Embedded YouTube Video (Offline) Player is available, it supports offline play YouTube video, .flv video and .swf video. Supports "Drag and Drop" video files direct to the main window. Easy to select the source files. Cool UI skin available. - is the most powerful YouTube assistant on the planet.

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